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Pablo Jesus Rivero


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¨Gastronomy is affection, not egos," says Pablo Jesús Rivero after almost two decades of traveling through that world. He is a sommelier and businessman, owner of Don Julio, the internationally recognized Palermo grill (famous clients like Bono, Hollande and Pacino)

He was born and raised in Rosario. His grandfather was a butcher and his father, a cattle farmer. Already in Buenos Aires, the family lived just above what is now the grill. There was another restaurant there that was not working. The people from Rosario took over and on November 26, 1999 they opened Don Julio, a neighborhood grill. At the beginning there were her parents, her grandmother and Pablo. Over time the elders retired and for a few years, it has been run by the heir.

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Pablo Jesus Rivero
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