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Fabrizio Nonis


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Fabrizio Nonis - El Beker

News personality

Macellaio🔪 Gastronomo errante 🥩 Giornalista e produttore televisivo🎥(seguo solo open profile)

Fabrizio Nonis was born in Toronto; son of emigrants (Italian-Swiss mother, Venetian-Friulian father) but with a great bond with Italy and precisely with Cinto Caomaggiore (Portogruaro - VE), in the middle ground between two splendid regions: Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

He lived most of his childhood in Toronto, nurturing from an early age a growing curiosity for his father's workplace, a deli-butcher who dispensed strictly Italian products on Canadian soil.

Son of art, therefore, with a butcher father, a “casolin” grandfather (pizzicagnolo) and a mother passionate about cooking; the initiation into the culinary universe came naturally, between the smells and flavors of the father's gastronomy and the rituality of the gestures of the mother, busy with pots and pans.

Fabrizio, after his high school studies in Italy, returns to Canada for a master in international corporate public relations. At the end of the 1980s, he decides to devote himself to his great passion: butchery .

His intuition was to re-evaluate the butcher trade which in his land is still called by the dialect name Bekér . Thanks to the experience in the field and the studies achieved and by combining in-depth knowledge of the world of meat with the notions of marketing and communication, he was able to lay the foundations for what would become his professional career.

With his television appearances he has contributed to making known not only the world of meat but also that of events, fairs, gastronomic congresses, tourist sites, local and national realities and prominent personalities.

In 2004 he officially entered the world of journalism and loves to define himself as a butcher-communicator .

In 2005, on a professional trip to Morocco, he discovered Marrakech and here he decided to promote a series of academic initiatives to give prestige and visibility to true Italian cuisine. A fundamental part of his work as a communicator is precisely that of making known all the excellent products that have always distinguished Italy even beyond the borders.

Over the years he has participated in various television programs such as "La Prova del Cuoco - RAI UNO", "TG2 Eat Parade - RAI DUE", "TG5 Gusto - CANALE 5" but has also worked with Alice TV, Marco Polo in the famous productions “At the tip of a knife”, “Bread and Salami”, “From the Dolomites to the Lagoon”, “From the Malghe to the Sea”, “Casa Alice”, “Tasting in the North-East”.

In addition, for about 15 years he personally leads his television production company " Sconfinando " which has produced television formats for various broadcasters including "Gambero Rosso Channel-SKY" with which he has collaborated for several years through very popular programs such as " Beker On Tour . "," Forchette Stellari "" Marrakchef Express "and" Marocco by Beker ".

In 2015, a fundamental year for Italian Food with EXPO Milan, he acted as Testimonial Ambassador for Brazil and Morocco, for the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region and for the Veneto Region.

He is a regular guest of the Embassies during the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World to talk about Italian cuisine and products and in recent years he has brought his contribution to many countries including Thailand, Morocco, India, Spain and the United States.

“I would like to be able to convey the passion for my land and for all its products,” he says.


Fabrizio Nonis
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