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David Pietralla


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David Pietralla was born in Hanover and grew up in Lower Saxony, in Wolfsburg. he studied chemistry for several semesters before dedicating himself to online poker (with much more success). Sometimes paths in life are pretty crooked. A completed training as an event manager brought the turn to gastronomy. As a freelance restaurateur, he specializes in preparing steaks and combines his passion for fire and meat by interpreting grilling in a completely new way. He invents steak tasting - and has found his calling.

Quite "by the way" he also met his wife for life. With him, Elli transformed the Burggraf-Bräu into the Meatheaven. Not only is she open to new ideas, she also makes a significant contribution to the success of the concept through reliability and creativity. He is the passionate father of a sweet daughter and a growing stepdaughter.

His professional competence in matters of meat brought him the lectureship at the butcher's college in Augsburg, where he trains future meat sommeliers and grill masters.

Building networks, having fun at work and sharing his knowledge with others is his passion.

For him, relaxation means taking photos – more naturally, meat in particular!

... and really switch off - fishing for predatory fish (he is a self-proclaimed expert in this, but fishing does not mean catching

David Pietralla
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