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Beppe Romeo


28 K

My adventure began a few years ago. While doing some barbecues in the garden, the curiosity to discover every aspect of the world of meat was born in me. I wanted to know more, to understand the reasons for tastes, colors and scents. I started documenting myself, doing research and visiting restaurants specializing in grilled cooking, telling every experience on my Instagram profile ".

Just through social networks, Beppe is noticed by Michele Ruschioni , director of the magazine "Braciami Ancora" - the most authoritative Italian newspaper on the subject. The journalist, intrigued by the passion of the young man, who in the meantime was creating a culture for himself by tasting the wonders of the best restaurants in northern Italy, proposes to activate a collaboration. And this is how Beppe, from an enthusiast, turns into a meat reporter with a strong thirst - indeed, hunger - for knowledge.

My training starts from books and the internet, where I did a lot of research. But I believe that the best ideas, the most formative and educational ones, can only be had with direct experience. And that's why, in my free time, I move a lot ”, she tells me. Beppe creates a connection with many people in the sector from all over Europe. From the breeders he studies the techniques and factors that guarantee animal welfare. From the butchers he discovers all the secrets of transformation, size and aging. From the cooks he learns recipes and tips to enhance the raw material in the best possible way.


Beppe Romeo
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